Monday, July 28, 2008

Fu Manchu

First day of "Stoner Rock Week!"

Fu Manchu are the kings of stoner rock. Lead by Scott Hill, the band encapsulates 70's riff-rock and 80's punk with lyrics about muscle cars, pinball, skateboarding, bigfoot and other things 70's pop-culture related.

If you're not familiar the Fu, here's a sampling...

1. Evil Eye from The Action Is Go
2. Eatin' Dust from Eatin' Dust
3. Shift Kicker from Eatin' Dust
4. Hell On Wheels from King Of The Road
5. King Of The Road from King Of The Road
6. Regal Begal from In Search Of...

Fu Manchu "Evil Eye"

Fu Manchu's video of "Evil Eye" pays homage to the film, Over The Edge (1979), starring a young Matt Dillon.

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