Monday, July 14, 2008

John Lennon Interview

This week is "Interview Week!"

I'm always fascinated hearing my favorite musicians speak about their process and...stuff. Today's share is a lengthy interview of John Lennon, right after he released the Plastic Ono Band album, conducted by Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner.

In this interview a bitter Lennon talks about the Plastic Ono Band, primal therapy, The Beatles, Paul, George, Ringo, George Martin, Yoko, heroin, his guitar playing, Let It Be (the album and movie), the Maharishi, LSD, Brian Epstein, Phil Specter, cripples, American blues, war, Warhol, Mic Jagger, Dylan and New York City.

John Lennon has always been the most complicated and complex Beatle. He sang about peace and love but he was often violent and rude to the people around him – more than once during this interview John puts Yoko in her place.

[DOWNLOAD] John Lennon: The Rolling Stone Interview (parts 1 to 5)

And as an added bonus here's...

The John Lennon Tower Records Ad

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