Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KISS Interview

Day three of "Interview Week!"

You know how they say "never judge a book by it's cover"? Well, the same goes for picture discs. I bought this interview album back in 1987 becuse of the cover with klassic KISS and the topless girl. The other side, however, has a shot of Paul and Gene with Bruce Kulick – new KISS.

Unfortunately, all the interviews were also with new KISS, no Ace, no Peter. The first interview was conducted in 1984 after KISS released Animalize where Chris Tetley interviews Paul Stanely and Eric Carr. Some topics are...The Elder, taking off the make-up, Vinny Vincent, Mark St. John and Bruce Kulick.

The second interview was conducted on Gene Simmons' birthday in 1987 with Gene and Paul. Some of the topics here are...Bon Jovi (their opening act), the Asylum album, their current Crazy Nights album, Desmond Child, Vinny Vincent, Gene's acting, Gene's producing, KISS Exposed, Bob and Bruce Kulick, and Ace's solo career.

[DOWNLOAD] KISS - The Chris Tetley Interviews

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What a great KISS interview. I just love it. I wanna hear more.