Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me and My RC (1975)

RC Cola has always played second fiddle to Coke and Pepsi...or is that third fiddle? Anyway, their most memorable campaign was called "Me and my RC", which aired in the 1970's. Each spot would usually feature blue-collar workers in a blue-collar setting while a blue-collar country song with blue-collar lyrics played featuring the chorus "Me and my RC". I think they were targeting a specific demographic.

Being an ad guy myself I just love this stuff...

[DOWNLOAD] Me and my RC (1975)

1. Overture; Stock Car
2. Truck Driver
3. Lawyer; Theme Music; Freckle-Face
4. Executive Decision
5. Blacksmith
6. Crop Seeder; Theme Music; Farm Girl
7. Basketball
8. Riverboat; Theme Music; Georgia Nights
9. Fiddler

Here's the "Stock Car" commercial in all it's 70's glory...

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