Monday, November 24, 2008

Soul Sesame Street

Day one of "Sesame Street LP Week!".

I ended last week with a couple of Sesame Street themed LP's from Wonderland Records. I thought I'd continue the Sesame Street spirit this week with some more LP's.

Today's share is Soul Sesame Street by The Village Soul Choir (197?). The title of the record and the photo of the group pretty much says it all. It's similar to the Wonderland LP's in that the collection here isn't an official Sesame Street release. Actually, only the first few songs are connected to the show, the rest are Village Soul Choir originals.

[DOWNLOAD] Soul Sesame Street by The Village Soul Choir

01 - ABC's
02 - Sesame Street Theme
03 - Rubber Duckie
04 - Maria
05 - Come On And Git It
06 - The Cat Walk
07 - Time Will Tell
08 - It's Love I Feel Inside
09 - What Happened To The Vows We Made
10 - Soul Children, Flower Children


Anonymous said...

Do you know who owns the rights to the Soul Sesame Street Album?

Anonymous said...

rip To my father Don Otis Parker. passed 10 years ago today.

Dre Parker

Muff Diver said...

thanks for posting this up!

Soul Sesame Street LP info here:

Rob Collins said...

I know this is probably a stretch... but is there any way you could re-upload the files? rapidshare said the file expired... :(