Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ZOOM - Playgrounds (1973)

Does anyone remember ZOOM? ZOOM was an educational television show, created almost entirely by children, which aired on PBS from January 1972 to March 1978. Today I'm sharing the album Playgrounds starring the original ZOOM cast. The LP came in a box which also included a songbook, a sticker and a large fold-out poster.

[DOWNLOAD] ZOOM - Playgrounds (1973)
01- Playground In My Mind
02- Rock Island Line
03- When The Saints Go Marching In
04- Simon Says
05- This Old Man
06- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
07- So Long At The Fair
08- The Laughing Song
09- You Can Be A Band
10- Bingo
11- Igpay Atinlay
12- Funky Mac Donald
13- Always Be Friends
14- I've Been Working On The Railroad
15- If We Only Had Love
16- What The World Needs Now

Below is the front and back cover of the songbook, the flipside of the front and back cover with the kids profiles, plus two more pages (the rest of the pages are lyrics to the songs...too many to scan).
And here's the sticker and poster...


psb said...

yay!!! TWO Zoom albums with great artwork. ONe of my big influences -

I recall ZOOM has been remounted and has a website with clips...


swarlock said...

I had this album years ago as a kid but it was taken away from me when I couldn't learn my Times Table by a buttinski family doctor who Mom thought could be a Stepfather to me.

How wrong she was!

Anonymous said...

I'll never get tired of ZOOM from the 70s. I would love to find the commercial they used to advertise this - also looking for entire episodes of this group. Thanks for posting.

hazelspectacles said...

awesome. i stumbled upon this at a thrift store, not having heard any of it... I was only familiar with ZOOM of the 90s. that poster has graced my walls for years now, and still is a conversation starter!

Superbizzee said...

Just found a near mint copy of Playgrounds in a discount bin this weekend for thirty-nine cents! "Always Friends" is a great little ballad! Almost doesn't even seem like it's a "kid's" song fit for this album. Even though I'm a 70s baby, I didn't grow up with Zoom (I'm from the U.S.). But this song is GREAT! I'll put it in my collection next to my Electric Company album! Thanks for the Come On And Zoom record, though!

Wapoj said...

Hey, I noticed that "Igpay Atinlay" appears twice on the download, and "What The World Needs Now" isn't at all.

Anonymous said...

i loved always friends and never forgot it ! thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of these, anyone know how much it's worth?

Keith Bly, Galveston TX said...

Thanks for this, made a really bad vinyl-->MP3 transfer years ago, your sounds 100x better.