Monday, August 17, 2009

MAD Magazine

This week is "MAD Magazine Week"!

When I was a kid I wasn't really into super-hero comics, my comic of choice was MAD Magazine. I was born in '71 so I would've missed out on MAD from the 60's and early 70's – what I consider their heyday – if it wasn't for my cousins who were 10 to 15 years older than me. Every time we visited I'd ask permission to go down to their basement to study the piles of back issues. They even let me have a few.

Back then MAD was a lot more raunchy than it is today. Just check out the above issue from April 1974 (with the finger) – they can't get away with a cover like that today. Back then MAD also made light of drug use and, if your pre-pubescent eyes were sharp, you'd sometimes stumble upon some cartoon form.

The issue I read over and over again was actually a mini-issue that came inside MAD Special Number 15 from 1974. It was a nostalgic mini-issue of MAD comics from the 50's – the third in a series. Here's a PDF of the complete Nostalgic MAD mini-comic...

[DOWNLOAD] The Nostalgic MAD mini-comic No. 3


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that is a real Mad cover because, as I recall, the cover price was much higher than 40 cents by 1974. I started reading Mad in the early '60s and the least I ever paid for a new edition was 35 cents.

Franklin Mint said...

It's real. I own it. That's my scan. One of the few covers without Alfred E. Newman.

Anonymous said...

This was a reprint of the original issue #8 (Dec-Jan)of 1953. The Titular name was altered a bit from it's original look... If you would like to see a scan of a Mint Condition Issue #8 ( )~ ORIGINAL COVER HERE!

You can see the minor differences, but overall it was pretty much the same. (I have both - I should know!)

@ Anonymous... All the issues from the year 1960 are cover priced 25 cents ~ they went up to 30 cents upon release of #95 (June '65) and went up to 35 cents with issue #119 (June '68) at which it stayed for remainder of 1960s.
The price reached 40 cents in June 1971 with the release of #143.