Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MAD Music

Day three of "MAD Magazine Week"!

Through the years MAD Magazine has dabbled in the music industry with it's own brand of silly tunes. Here's a bunch...

[DOWNLOAD] MAD Magazine - "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll (1962)
01- (Throwing the) High School Basketball Game
02- (She Got A) Nose Job
03- Please Betty Jane (Shave Your Legs)
04- Somebody Elses Dandruff
05- Blind Date
06- Agnes (The Teenage Russian Spy)
07- Let's Do the Pretzel
08- I'll Always Remember Being You
09- When My Pimples Turned To Dimples
10- Shes A Serious Teenager In Love
11- (All I Have Left Is) My Johny's Hubcap
12- Written On the Boys Bathroom Wall

[DOWNLOAD] MAD Magazine - Fink Along With MAD (1963)
01- Let's Do The Fink - Mike Russo
02- I'll Never Make Fun Of Her Moustache Again -- The Dellwoods
03- The Biggest Mouth In Town -- Jeanne Hayes
04- Her Dad's Got Money Cha-Cha-Cha -- Mike Russo
05- I Accidentally Messed Up His Hair -- Jeanne Hayes
06- It's A Gas -- Alfred E. Neuman
07- Don't Put Onions On Your Hamburger -- The Dellwoods
08- Loving A Siamese Twin -- Jeanne Hayes
09- She Lets Me Watch Her Mom And Pop Fight -- Mike Russo
10- When The Braces On Our Teeth Lock -- The Dellwoods
11- Contact Lenses -- Jeanne Hayes
12- The Neighborhood Draft Board -- The Dellwoods

[DOWNLOAD] Alfred E. Neuman & His Furshluggier Five - What - Me Worry? (1959)
01- What - Me Worry?
02- Potrzebie

MAD Magazine also occasionally had "Special" issues which came with a flexi-disc! Here's one called "It's A Super-Spectacular Day" from MAD Super Special (1980). It's eight tracks of the same song but each has a different ending.

[DOWNLOAD] The Mad Mystery Sound - It's A Super-Spectacular Day (1979)
01- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 1)
02- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 2)
03- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 3)
04- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 4)
05- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 5)
06- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 6)
07- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 7)
08- It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 8)

Here's another flexi-disc. It's MAD Disco. Seems like everybody caught disco fever after Saturday Night Fever hit...although MAD was a little late to the game in this case. Saturday Night Fever was released in '77...this issue is from 1980! (For more on the Saturday Night Fever phenomenon check out a past post here.)

[DOWNLOAD] MAD Magazine - MAD Disco Special (1980)
01- Disco Suicide
02- Sorry, No Words
03- This Time, This Night
04- Barely Alive
05- The Disco Clap
06- It's a Gas! (Disco Version)

* None of these rips are my own. I've downloaded these albums from various sites through the years and I unfortunately don't remember where I got them from – with the exception of the Alfred E. Neuman & His Furshluggier Five single, which was downloaded from


SuchAndSuch said...

I've seen the "It's A Gas" tune on various garage rawk / 60s cheezeball comps, but this is the first time I've seen (and heard) the whole furshluggier collection...thanks for putting it up there!

prof. grewbeard said...

AWESOME, thanx!

Bart Friedman said...

I remember an album from Mad that was all intrumental comedy cowboy tunes. Do you know it?
I'm trying to collect it.

DJ Useo said...

Thanks.That's really cheering.
Crazy,but cheering.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a song called "When are you gonna shave your legs? from Mad.

Anonymous said...

"Gall In The Family Fare" from a MAD Super Special was a favorite. Can you post it here???

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what was on "alfred E. Neuman Vocalizes"?

Janice said...

Thanks for the valuable information. This is for the first time that I have heard and seen the great collection.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wunnerful, I never have read or heard anything of a MAD cowboy record, tho...

badactorinky said...

how about some re-ups? Especially looking for the "What - Me Worry?" single.