Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elliott Gould - Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)

I'm going to continue the Elliott Gould fest for one more post. This time I'm highlighting a film that would never make a Top 10 list. I'm talking about Elliott Gould's cameo in the Fred Williamson blaxploitation flick Mean Johnny Barrows (1976).

Elliott befriended Fred Williamson during the filming of Robert Altman's M*A*S*H. Mean Johnny Barrows was Williamson's directorial debut so Elliott probably did him the favor. And if it wasn't for Gould's star name the scene would probably have been cut, if not shot at all in the first place.

Elliott plays the character of Professor Theodore Rasputin Waterhouse, a homeless man who attempts to teach the newly homeless Johnny Barrows (Williamson) the ways of living on the street. You can tell that a good portion of the 3 minute scene was improvised on the spot, causing Williamson to break character, or at least behave nothing like the character he built up in the movie. Gould and Williamson's antics even make an extra in the movie crack up with laughter – and they left it in!

It may have been sloppy directing but it's the best scene in the movie. Here it is...

And here's the soundtrack to Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)...

[DOWNLOAD] Gordon Staples & The String Thing - Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)
01- Strung Out
02- Toonie
03- From A Heart That's True To Only One
04- Hustle
05- Love Theme
06- If Your Love Were Mine
07- Get Down
08- Sounds Of The Zodiac
09- It's Got To Be Alright
10- Strung Out (Reprise 1)
11- I'm Back
12- Strung Out (Reprise2)
13- Who Knows Better
14- Dialog 2 & 3


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, love that cute scene but the rest of that movie was supremely bad,

I always get a craving for dogs with kraut after watching that.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto yr blog looking for some Dennis Coffey stuff, and have now been wandering around downloading this 'n' that (and the above soundtrack) for like an hour now.....great stuff, and please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hello is there any way possible for me to buy this soundtrack? Im looking for the song that plays at 35:40-36:52 during the flower shop scene. Please email me at thanks