Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Squire, The Maiden and The Dragon (2010)

In the middle of filming YOUNG DRACULA, my son pitched me another idea for a movie – and I mean literally between takes. This time he wanted to play a knight that fights a dragon. I told him "We'll see"...meaning "I'm not sure I can pull that off". But after some thought I figured I could just green screen the dragon. I'd done a little green screening on the video I shot for Billy Kelly, so I was semi-confident it would work – emphasis on "semi". Here's what we came up with.

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Dave said...


Just stumbled across your blog and I kind of love it. Especially since your a huge fan of the scatman as I am. Thus brings me the question. I was wondering if you knew what album St. James Infirmary was on and if you had it, if you could upload it. I have been searching forever, and the song is on youtube but I can't find it anywhere else. Thanks for the cool blog.


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