Thursday, August 19, 2010

TEAM 12 (2010)

I had gotten some positive feedback from family and friends on the last two Fusco Family Films – YOUNG DRACULA and THE SQUIRE, THE MAIDEN AND THE DRAGON. So when I decided to have a summer barbeque with some old friends I thought it would be fun to make a movie with them and their kids.

Of course I wrote an overly ambitious script, not taking into account that I'd have less time to shoot than my usual productions. Plus, I added 15 more actors than my usual productions – 10 of those being kids! Needless to say, attention spans were short and directional skills were limited...and that's just the parents! (((rimshot))) But seriously folks...this meant shooting in a more "run and gun" approach so the end product is a little rough around the edges.

And here's a little fun fact: All the kidnappers in this movie also starred in one of my first movies, NUDE AND DISMEMBERED...20 years ago!


Vlad said...

This. Was. Awesome!!!

"Team 12" seems sort of like a lost Saturday morning series from the 70s. (Okay, mabye there's a little more violence in it than they allowed on kids' TV back then.I don't recall "The Monster Squad", the "Kids from CAPER" or even Isis ever crotch-kicking anyone...) Truly very well done. And the whole musical ending which reminded me a lot of "Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution"? PURE GENIUS!!!

Congratulations and keep up the truly excellent work. And while I know it's probably the last thing you want to do, I'd be interested in the cameras and software you use to shoot your epics.

I look forward to MUCH more! Again, FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Franklin Mint said...


Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy making these silly movies with my kids and I'm sure they'll appreciate them when they're older.

To answer your question, I shoot with a Canon XH A1 mini-DV camera and edit with Final Cut Pro. Anyone can make a movie these days.

Thanks again,